Minimap Sidebar – A Must Have Firefox Add-on

The Firefox Minimap Sidebar is a handy little thing. It allows you to very quickly locate any address on a map in a sidebar window of your browser.

It’s an easy Firefox add-on install and once the Minimap Sidebar is open, simply highlight an address you found on a website and drag and drop the address from the website into the Minimap Sidebar’s drop box. And voilà, the location is displayed on a Google Map.

It doesn’t stop there though. Addresses are listed in the box for later use. These can then be used for driving directions by selecting them from a drop down. You can also set a home address and start routing to and from there. The choice is yours whether you prefer Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Microsoft’s Live Local.
And last but not least you can also share the location by getting its coordinates, a link to the map page, e-mail the link or even get an embed code for your own site – and all that straight from a right-click context menu.
KML and GeoRSS are also supported and of course you can also manually type in an address. Once an address is located you can browse places with Tagzania, Platial, or flickr photos.

The Minimap Sidebar is developed by Tony Farndon. Go visit his site at where you’ll find the download link as well.

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The Hipster GPS

Driving on the highways these days you see the many cars glowing from the inside. This is especially freaky when driving at night. It’s the navigation devices stuck to the windscreen with their suction cups that look like little TVs when you pass them. I wonder where these people drive to. To or from work I suppose but how did they find their way just two years ago? (Maybe they telecommuted?) Continue reading The Hipster GPS