The intend of this website is to discuss the latest trends in location related services. You will see that I’ll cover this a little broader than the usual focus on mobile apps for consumers. Connected cars are coming. And I see a huge advantage for enterprises to make use of location to offer value to their customers as well as optimizing their own processes though the insights and intelligence location services can provide.
I’d like to share interesting news I come across and my humble opinion. More important are your comments and views on the topics. So please feel free to share your thoughts and get in touch.

Philip HubertusI’m part of the Product Management for the Geocoder service at HERE, a Nokia Company (f/k/a NAVTEQ). A geocoder service finds an address or resolves a geo-location into an address to give people orientation on where addresses and locations are, what they look at on a map, or where they are themselves. It also enables businesses to make smarter decisions and design processes based on the location of addresses and assets.
Before the Geocoder I managed the map data & location content, map display, sat imagery, and traffic services of the NAVTEQ Location Based Services Platform.

Please understand that the articles on this website reflect my own view and thoughts which do not necessarily reflect HERE’s views. To put it quite simple: this is not a hidden corporate blog. The information you will read about here are not HERE news or disclose any hints or details on projects I or HERE is working on.
If you’re interested in HERE offering, please find a few pointer below and feel free to get in touch with me.

– Philip

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