The Hipster GPS

Driving on the highways these days you see the many cars glowing from the inside. This is especially freaky when driving at night. It’s the navigation devices stuck to the windscreen with their suction cups that look like little TVs when you pass them. I wonder where these people drive to. To or from work I suppose but how did they find their way just two years ago? (Maybe they telecommuted?)

Well, for those of you in need of a low cost solution I found a great approach on the “Kings of the Impossible” blog by James Foreman. He suggest to simply use sticky notes. Write the step by step directions on them and stick them to your windscreen.
Nice! It might get a bit challenging when driving at low light or when experiencing sudden detours or simply missing your way. But I still like the simplicity of it.

This also reminded me of something I observed recently. A friend of mine wrote the address we needed to drive to on a sticky note and then typed the address into his cars GPS in the parking lot. High tech…

Making things easier by combining existent already well adapted technology is my goal in my new job, starting September 3rd. Please keep your fingers crossed.


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