NYC Taxis Feature New Technologies

An interesting article found its way into inbox this morning. The article was written by Sean, who is blogging “From the Digital Frontier” on MediaPost.

NYC Taxi He was late the other day and took a cab to ride to work. What he encountered when he got in the cab was a small entertainment system displaying news, weather and clips.
How neat, I though … but then I took a closer look at the photo he took of the system’s screen. Continue reading NYC Taxis Feature New Technologies

Small town, big shopping

I went to a small town yesterday where a global fashion brand is headquartered. In the last few years this small town also developed a nice staple of premium brand factory outlets and is now an attractive shopping location. My current boss proposed to take an early train out there to use the opportunity to go shopping and so we did. The four of us arrived quite early in the morning and sat down at an Italian coffee bar to enjoy cappuccinos. We had three hours until our meeting started and a folder of the outlet center with a map. Continue reading Small town, big shopping

The Hipster GPS

Driving on the highways these days you see the many cars glowing from the inside. This is especially freaky when driving at night. It’s the navigation devices stuck to the windscreen with their suction cups that look like little TVs when you pass them. I wonder where these people drive to. To or from work I suppose but how did they find their way just two years ago? (Maybe they telecommuted?) Continue reading The Hipster GPS